International Conference of "World Coalition against Terrorism for Justly Peace" by cooperation of Iranian Artists Home and Saba Cultural and Artistic Organization held the International Festival of Poster .
This conference by the aim of it's Humanitarism and Scolding Terror and Terrorism and making a field for justly peace for all nations and countries is going to make poster exhibition in conference place , Iran Artistic Center and 3 other countries by publishing books of selected artworks by the name of the artists, makes the results of this conference everlasting.

Subject of Artworks:
Culture and Terrorism
Terror Victims
Justice and Peace

Conditions of the Contest:
1- The subject and theme of the artworks be in relation to the mentioned subjects and makes relation to the people of our country , power for contact and connection meaning to all nations.
2- Each participant can send maximum (5) artworks (Poster) to the secretariat (serial works are mentioned as one artwork).
3- The artworks must be send to in 150 DPI, format JPG , in size A4 , RGB and in the shape of Mb, maximum file dimension 1
4- Secretariat has the right to use the artworks in exhibitions ,propaganda, site , book publishing , clothes and stamps.
5- Decision about unforeseeable events is due to organizers of the festival.
6- Participation in the festival means the acceptance of all the rules.

Deadline: 4th May 2011
Judgment of the artworks: 6th May 2011
Inauguration of the exhibition : 15th May 2011
Place of exhibition : Iranian Artists Home

First Prize: Honorable Mention , $ 2000
Second Prize : Honorable Mention ,$ 1000
Third Prize : Honorable Mention,$ 500

By the jurors selection 5 artworks will be praised by gold coins (half size coins of Bahar Azadi)

Massoud Sepehr , Farzad Adibi , Mehdi Saeedi , Jalal Atarzadeh , Mohammad Ardalani and Mohammadreza Ghaderi.

Workshop Conditions :
Mohammad Ardalani is the instructor of this 3 days workshop. This workshop will be on Saba Cultural and Artistic Organization for three days from 3rd to 5th May 2011 from 10am to 5 pm
Interested to participate in this workshop must send their artworks (maximum 5) of their posters in 500x700 pixel by JPG format by their biography and phone number until 1st May 2011 to

We should mention that because of workshop space, all the participants must have laptop.
Maximum 20 artists will be selected for participation to this workshop and the best artworks of the workshop will be exhibited in the place of
World Peace Conference, and also the secretariat will give Honorable Mention and (half size bahare azadi ) gold coins to 3 selected artworks.

Mohammad Ardalani is member of jurors of the International Poster Contest of Peace and has titles such as : Selected Artist of the 1st Tehran Visual Arts Festival , Selected Artist of the 6th International Typography Festival of "Asmaol Hosna" , nominee for the prize of Iran's Young Visual Artists , juror of national and international festivals and contests, holding different workshops ,designing posters and many important marks in Iran ,presence and praised in many solo and group exhibitions and contests in Iran , Spain , Italy ,France , Austria , Netherlands ,Finland ,...