30th April 2006, published a map with distortion that wrote the spurious name of "Arabic Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf", in "National geography" magazine. Of course this magazine was apologized Iranians for this contempt, but according to that that day (April 30th) Iranian registered that date to our calendar with the name of "National Persian Gulf".

 In this direction and after holding three times successful exhibitions of Persian Gulf Poster Festival from 2008 till now, in spite of shortcomings , had a unique feedback of all mass medias , by support of Information Cultural Center, Paydari Cultural Center, Ahvaz Contemporary Arts Museum and by cooperation of Negarkhane Irani site in preparation of a festival suitable for such a great name for this year that by working together defense our basis and to register our name between the supporters of this native country.




1- Topic and view of artworks should be in relation to the meaning of defense the name and possession of Gulf always Persian and the essence of its being Iranian and in spite of making relation with Iranian, can also transfer this meaning to all nations.

 2- Artworks that their texts be in three languages of Persian, English and Arabic take the priority.

 3-Technique and the way of performance of artworks is free.

 4- Each participant can send maximum 5 artworks (posters) to the secretariat.


5- Participants must send their artworks to official site of the festival www.MyPersianGulf.ir  in 70x100 jpg format and 150 DPI and maximum file 1MB in the form of RGB.

 6- Decision about unforeseeable issues is due to the organizers of the festival.

 7- Secretariat can use the artworks in exhibitions, advertising, site and publishing book, dress and stamp.

 8- Participation in the Festival means acceptance of all the conditions.



Rene Wanner(Switzerland)

Dimitris Arvanitis (greec)

Erik Brandt (USA)

Ali Seylan (Turkey)

Dr. Mohammad Khazaei (iran)

Mohammad Ardalani (Iran)


 Deadline for sending artworks: from 15th March till 14th April 2011

 Time of Exhibition: April and May 2011 simultaneously with the Gulf always Persian day.